Ethernet Input Output Controller (EIOC)

The EIOC connects to the nearest IP network point and provides a flexible means to monitor and control a range of equipment.

The EIOC features 16 analog inputs and 8 digital outputs. The outputs can be used to control solid-state relays, which in turn can control all kinds of equipment including Intruder panels, PIR detectors, or switching on/off heating and lighting.

Additionally inputs on the EIOC can be used to activate a Broadcast Zone on the AC2000 system which can be configured to activate an output on a different EIOC or CEM reader located anywhere on the network.


  • Ethernet connectivity to host
  • 16 Inputs (2 or 4 state)
  • 8 Outputs (4 Relay NO/NC and 4 Open Collector)
  • Outputs can be mapped to single or multiple inputs on the same controller or across the network
  • Dedicated tamper input
  • Designed for ease of installation and maintenance using 2 part connectors throughout
  • Optional backup battery connection for emergency power