DCM 300 Input/Output Module

The CEM DCM 300 Input/Output (I/O) Module range provides a flexible way to monitor and control a wide array of external equipment, for example lights, windows or machinery.  

The DCM 300 I/O features eight analog inputs and four outputs that are used to give spare inputs/outputs on the AC2000 access control system.  Each input can be cross mapped to an output. A change of state to an input will cause a specific output. This means, for example an input can be taken from a motion detector and be used to trigger an intruder alarm siren.

The DCM 300 I/O Module is available in two options: eDCM 300 I/O Module for Ethernet connection or the sDCM 300 I/O Module for Serial connection.


  • I/O module to control external equipment
  • Support for 8 inputs and 4 outputs
  • Onboard 10/100 Mbps Ethernet
  • Inputs can be mapped to Outputs on the same controller or across the network
  • Self resetting fuses, saves maintenance time
  • Optional backup battery connection for emergency power
  • Onboard LED for maintenance and diagnostics
  • Dedicated Tamper input
  • Available in Ethernet or Serial options